''there are no rules.  no guidelines.  just music and entertainment''


Erica Greenfield is known in the Netherlands and Germany as an experienced all-round singer, performer and MC with DJ's. With over thousands of international performances with talented artists, DJ's, musicians and producers (the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Poland, Luxembourg, UK, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, USA and Thailand) and numerous recordings, she is a fearless, unstoppable force, always challenging herself to new goals and breaking boundaries.

And doing it in style. The sky is NEVER the limit.

Erica's latest original single "ELEVATE" (available here) is a production of Totally Tuned, and was spectacularly released on June 24th 2017 in Heerenveen (NL) at the annual Night Of The Koemarkt in front of a live audience of 10.000 visitors.

Also, the ELEVATE music video was filmed live at this massive event, check it out in the VIDEOS section!

From 2017, Erica is a part of "DIVAS OF THE WORLD", a live act celebrating legendary  Divas like Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, Aretha Franklin, Rihanna, Madonna, Ariana Grande and Tina Turner. The Divas are accompanied by a live band, dancers, spectacular effects and costumes. For more info, click here. 
In 2019, Erica participated in the premiere season of "All Together Now" in the Netherlands, performing Madonna's "Like A Prayer.

There are no rules. No guidelines. Just music and entertainment. 

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                HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO                                      "The making of" holding out for a hero
             OLD, FAT & UGLY                             DEAR HUGH                                       SHOWREEL





is now available EVERYWHERE.

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ELEVATE - Erica Greenfield




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