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80CA is bringing you new music from the 80’s.

After her 1st single SLOW LOTION, her second single BRALESS is out now!

80CA (pronounced as 'Eighty-ca'), previously known as Erica Greenfield, is a singer, songwriter and performer from the Netherlands and Belgium with over thousands of live performances worldwide, and over thousands of hours singing, producing and composing in numerous recording studios.


Recently she changed her name to 80CA, because after Covid and after the loss of some dear friends and colleagues, she realized that what she needed to hear (uplifting music with an 80's nostalgic feel and humorous twist), was hard to find.

So she decided to rebrand her name and image.

She began to compose, write and produce the music she wanted to hear

to accommodate her creative outlet, and build up from there.

Because life is short and we need to do things that make us happy.

New 80CA music is coming soon!



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